The Board of Trustees delegates certain functions to its Committees, and board members receive appointments to various organizations at the campus, regional, and state levels.


Los Angeles County Committee on School District Organization

Sandra Chen Lau

Members of the Los Angeles Committee will convene as needed as arbitrators or in first response to requests to change district boundaries and inter-district transfer requests.

Los Angeles County School Trustees’ Association (LACSTA)

Tamara Silver

LACSTA is an association of all school board members of K-12 and community colleges in Los Angeles County. The purpose is to network, educate, and inform all school board members of educational issues in the region so that we can work together for a seamless transition on educational policies between the boards. LACSTA meeting schedules are determined by the LACSTA Executive Board and all members are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings and programs. The representatives are expected to keep their colleagues apprised and encourage them to participate in the programs.

Community College League of California (CCLC)

James Osterling

The CCLC is a non-profit organization, which represents the 72 community college districts of California. Their mission is to promote student access and success by strengthening colleges through leadership development, advocacy policy development, and district services. The representative is expected to keep their colleagues apprised of issues, and encourage them to participate in the programs, as well as represent their college at conferences.

PCC Foundation

James Osterling 
Alternate: Berlinda Brown

The mission of the Pasadena City College Foundation is to develop funding and community support for the enhancement of teaching and learning at Pasadena College.

PCC Measure P (Citizens’ Oversight Committee)

Sandra Chen Lau

The purpose of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee (Measure P) is to inform the public concerning the expenditure of bond revenues.