This Certificate of Achievement does not count as a major for an Associate Degree.

Program Description

The curriculum prepares students to work in entry level positions in the field of biotechnology where a biology or chemistry degree is not required. This is an interdisciplinary program including courses and practical training in math, chemistry, biology, computer skills and English. This program prepares students using SCANS guidelines. Emphasis is on practical laboratory skills combined with training in a working laboratory setting. Students are kept informed on current advances in biotechnology by speakers from industry, internet assignments and tours of local biotech facilities.

This program offers classroom instruction plus supervised work experience in the biotechnology industry. Students must be willing to spend time working on long term projects and participating in outreach programs.

Students must be able to provide their own transportation in the final semester to an internship site. Employment opportunities include: biomedical industry, academic research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, agriculture, food science laboratories, and genetic engineering laboratories.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Students who have previously completed coursework required for the laboratory assistant option and need only the Biology 102A-D courses may take a “fast track” and complete the option in 1 year.

Program Outcomes

  1. Understand, interpret and write laboratory documents, SOPs protocols and notebook documentation.
  2. Be able to use, maintain, calibrate and/or validate standard laboratory equipment.
  3. Be prepared for entry level technician positions in the biological technology industry and in research laboratories with an emphasis in the medical environment.

This program is designed to be completed in months.

This program will cost if completed within normal time. There may be additional costs for living expenses. These costs were accurate at the time of posting, but may have changed.

Of the students who completed this program within normal time, the typical graduate leaves with of debt.

License requirements:

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This program has not passed standards established by the U.S. Department of Education. The Department based these standards on the amounts students borrow for enrollment in this program and their reported earnings. If in the future the program does not pass the standards, students who are then enrolled may not be able to use federal student grants or loans to pay for the program, and may have to find other ways, such as private loans, to pay for the program.

 Career Snapshot

Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement

Required Courses

Required units: 39

Semester I

  • BIOL 011 – General Biology (4)
    or BIOL 011H - Honors General Biology (4)
    or BIOL 039 – Modern Human Genetics (4)
  • BIOL 102A – Biological Technology–Basic Techniques (3)
  • CHEM 002A – Chemistry–General, Organic and Biochemistry (4)
  • ENGL 001A – Reading and Composition (4)
    or ENGL 001AH - Honors Reading and Composition (4)

Semester II

  • BIOL 102B – Biological Technology–Advanced Techniques (3)
  • CHEM 002B – Chemistry–General, Organic and Biochemistry (4)
  • PHSC 002 – Scientific Method as Critical Thinking (3)

Semester III

  • MICR 002 – Microbiology (4)
  • STAT 018 – Statistics for Behavioral and Social Sciences (4)
    or STAT 050 – Elementary Statistics (4))
    or STAT 050H - Honors Elementary Statistics (4)

Semester IV

  • BIOL 102C – Biological Technology–Cell Culture Techniques (3)


  • BIOL 102D – Biological Technology–Laboratory Internship (3)

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