Program Description

The curriculum prepares students to seek employment in the welding/metal working trades as welders, welder’s helpers, cutting torch operators, or apprentice fitters. The focus of instruction and practical welding experience is on the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), semi-automatic Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and oxy-acetylene welding, brazing and cutting processes. These processes are used in the aero-space and manufacturing industries. Welding practice prepares the student for the Structural Steel Groove and Light Gauge Structural Certification. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) will include the welding of steel, aluminum and stainless steel as used in the aero-space industry.

Metal fabrication skills including blueprint reading, shop math, metal fit-up and production welding techniques. Instruction includes structural steel welding codes and welding theory. Students are required to purchase welding materials and protective clothing.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the necessary skills to enter the job market as welders, metal workers or transfer to a four-year school.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical and social responsibilities, understand and apply safe working procedures to a career in Welding Technology.
  3. Demonstrate the value of teamwork in the field of Welding Technology.
  4. Demonstrate appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools used in Welding Technology.
  5. Demonstrate skills in Gas Welding, Tungsten Inert Gas, Gas Metal Welding, Electric Arc Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding and Flux Cored Arc Welding.
  6. Demonstrate the skills required to obtain the American Welding Societies “Structural Steel Welding Certification” and the “Los Angeles City Structural Steel Welding” Licenses.
  7. Demonstrate the proper use of related reference tables, diagrams, symbols, abbreviation graphics and charts for analysis for the interpretation of blueprints and specifications.

This program is designed to be completed in months.

This program will cost if completed within normal time. There may be additional costs for living expenses. These costs were accurate at the time of posting, but may have changed.

Of the students who completed this program within normal time, the typical graduate leaves with of debt.

License requirements:

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This program has not passed standards established by the U.S. Department of Education. The Department based these standards on the amounts students borrow for enrollment in this program and their reported earnings. If in the future the program does not pass the standards, students who are then enrolled may not be able to use federal student grants or loans to pay for the program, and may have to find other ways, such as private loans, to pay for the program.

 Career Snapshot

Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement

Required units: 29

Required Courses

Recommended sequence:

Semester I

  • TECH 107A – Technical Calculations (3)
  • WELD 200A - Introduction to Welding (10)

Semester II

  • DT 008A – Introduction to Digital Design & Fabrication (3)
  • MACH 220A – Introduction to Manufacturing Technology (3)
  • WELD 200C – Semi-Automatic and Gas Tungsten Welding (10)

Recommended electives:

  • BIT 010 – Basic Computer Keyboarding (1)
  • BIT 011A – Computer Keyboarding and Document Processing (2)
  • DT 017 – Building Construction Technical Graphics (3)
  • DT 118 – A/E/C Modeling (3)
  • KINA 032A – Beginning Fitness Activities (1)
  • MACH 220B – Intermediate Machine Technology I (3)
  • MACH 220C – Intermediate Machine Technology II (3)
  • MACH 220D – Advanced Milling Operations I (3)
  • MACH 220E – Advanced Milling Operations II (3)
  • MACH 220F – Advanced Lathe Operations (3)
  • MACH 220G – Production Technology I (3)
  • MACH 220H – Production Technology II (3)
  • MACH 220I – Production Technology III (3)
  • MACH 220J – Tool Making I (3)
  • MACH 220K – Tool Making II (3)
  • MACH 220L – Advanced Prototype Machining (3)
  • WELD 044A – Introduction to Gas Welding (1)
  • WELD 044B – Introduction to Electric Arc Welding (1)
  • WELD 044C – Advanced Arc Welding, FCAW & SMAW (1)
  • WELD 145 – Introduction to TIG Welding (1)
  • WELD 150A – Oxy-Acetylene and Arc Welding (5)
  • WELD 150B – Arc Welding (5)
  • WELD 150C – Structural Arc Welding (5)
  • WELD 150D – Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding (5)

Catalog Year
This information reflects the information from the 2020-2021 catalog. If you have questions about a previous version, please review our Catalog Archives and/or speak with a Counselor.

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Earn an Associate of Science Degree With Your Certificate of Achievement

An AS Degree prepares you with the unique skills needed to enter a specialized career field. Earned in conjunction with a Certificate of Achievement, it will open up further opportunities for career advancement.

To earn your AS degree, you will need to complete the general education requirements for an AS degree in addition to the above listed Certificate of Achievement Requirements.

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