This Certificate of Achievement does not count as a major for an Associate Degree.

Program Description

The Mechanical Engineering Technician program provides a hands-on educational experience to prepare students for successful entry-level careers in mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology, including mechanical engineering technicians, engineering technicians (except drafters), electro-mechanical technicians, and industrial engineering technicians. Mechanical engineering technicians utilize mechanical design and the process of developing a product that can improve society. The certificate will produce technicians who are able to analyze, design, implement and maintain mechanical systems, communicate effectively, and work well on team-based projects. The program exposes students to the skills and knowledge that will make them competitive in the job market.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Program Outcomes

  1. Manipulate the mechanical system to create a finished product through design process.
  2. Analyze the mechanical systems to address improvements in the design and prototyping processes.
  3. Develop a technical project that includes testing and documentation.

Requirements for the Certificate of Achievement:

Required Units: 13-14

Required courses:

  • DT 008A - Introduction to Digital Design and Fabrication (3)
    or ENGR 002 - Engineering Graphics (3)
    or MIT 101 - Introduction to Robotics (4)
  • DT 008B - Intermediate Digital Design and Fabrication (3)
  • DT 008C - Advanced Systems Design and Fabrication (4)
  • DT 150 - Reading Engineering Drawings (1)
  • ENGR 010 - Introduction to Engineering (2)

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