During PCC's period of closed campus access, the Speech Center is not conducting business in-person. Please use our alternative Remote/Online services during this time.

Remote Tutoring

The Speech Center is offering remote tutoring for select subjects via PCC Connect*. Please sign up by clicking the button below to request a session with one of our tutors. The request MUST be submitted by 5pm the day before your desired session.

*Subject to change

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Support for Your Speech Courses and Class Presentations

The Speech Center at Pasadena City College offers tutoring for all Speech courses offered at PCC*. We also offer help to any student who needs help on a presentation. Practicing a presentation on your own can only help so much. Practicing in front of one of the tutors will better prepare you for when you actually have to present your speech!

Tutoring Schedule Center Location and Hours

Speech Courses

Course Description
SPCH 001 Fundamentals of Speech
SPCH 004 Oral Interpretation
SPCH 005 Forensics - Speech and Debate Team
SPCH 006 Argumentation and Debate
SPCH 009 Small Group Communication
SPCH 010 Interpersonal Communication
SPCH 013 Introduction to Speech Communication

How We Can Help You

Visit the Speech Center during our open hours to receive help with the following:

  • One On One Tutoring
  • Computer Labs & Practice Rooms
  • Help with speech preparation and overcoming public speaking anxiety
  • Help selecting a topic and  creating and editing an outline 
  • Coaching in speech delivery tips and memorizing techniques
  • Group Presentation Strategies
  • Argumentation and Debate Strategies
  • Understanding Communication Theories

Our Mission

Public speaking is a fear for many people, but almost every career requires public speaking skills. At the speech center we help assist you so that you are able overcome your public speaking fears by finding what works best for you when giving a speech. This way, you are able to perform the best version of your speeches and eventually be an expert at public speaking. Going to the speech center will help you gain the practice you need in order to receive the best grade. The first step to overcoming this fear is to just get up there and do it.